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Conversational Platform - self hosted or as a Service
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Airy Core

Free Open Source
Conversational Infrastructure
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Apache 2.0 License
  • Connectors for all conversational sources
  • APIs to access your data
  • WebSockets to power real-time applications
  • Webhook integration to connect custom apps
  • UI: From an inbox to dashboards
Chosen by 67% of businesses

Airy Enterprise

Self-hosted, Enterprise ready
Conversational Platform
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Subscription License
  • Everything in Core +
  • Teams & Routing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Notfications
  • Location Management
  • E2E Encryption & Storage
  • Full-Text Search
  • Single-Sign On
  • Multi-Environment
Chosen by 67% of businesses

Airy Cloud

Fully Managed
Conversational Platform
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Conversations as a Service
  • Fully Managed by Airy
  • Multi-brand, Multi-location, Multi-team Setup
  • Whitelabel In-App Chat
  • Machine-Learning Dialogue Engine
  • Custom Integrations
  • 24/7 Support & Account Management

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  • Facebook Messenger
  • Team Inbox
  • Web, Android & iOS
  • Template Builder
  • Customer Profile & Tags
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Access & Role Management
  • Conversation Assignment


  • Everything in Free+
  • Google’s Business Messages via Google Maps
  • Messaging Automations
  • Personalized Welcome Template
  • Automated FAQs
  • Automated Opt-ins for News & Offers
  • Shopping or Booking Extension
  • Automated Feedback & Review
  • Messaging Growth Tools
  • Email-to-Messenger Campaigns
  • Messenger Web Buttons
  • Basic Analytics


  • Everything in Basic+
  • Custom Automations
  • Live Chat Plugin
  • Automated lead-generation, capture & qualification
  • Messenger Campaigns
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Advanced Customer Service Automations
  • Automated Order Confirmations & Shipping Updates
  • Advanced Growth Tools
  • Ad-based Conversation Starters
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad-Builder
  • Advanced Customer Service Automations
  • Website & Check-out Integrations
  • Salesforce & Zendesk Integrations
  • Customer Service Analytics

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Why is messaging so important?

Messaging is on the rise. It’s the fastest-growing form of communication in private life and increasingly also in business.

With almost 1.3 billion monthly active users as of Q4 of 2019*, Facebook Messenger is the leading messaging platform in the western world.

Users are currently already sending over 2 billion Facebook instant messages to businesses per month, creating a huge opportunity for you to engage with your customers where they already enjoy spending their time.

As customers are much more likely to engage with your content immediately, messaging is extensively outperforming traditional communication channels like emails with open rates of up to 90% and CTRs of 15%, being the true number one email marketing alternative.

Due to marketing effectiveness and cost efficiency, messaging provides businesses with a 10x return on investment at a fraction of your usual marketing costs.

Businesses who use messaging as a communication channel also see up to 33% increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Building strong customer relationships is essential for every business, so finding the right communication channel is fundamental. Through messaging, discover a whole new communication & marketing channel to grow and build true relationships with your customers for the long term.


Why Airy?

Airy’s mission is to help build long-lasting relationships between businesses and their customers, through conversational solutions.

We enable businesses to authentically connect to their customers via meaningful conversations.

Smart automations and personalized services tailored to your business help you achieve your marketing goals and at the same time boost convenience and effectiveness.

Start messaging your customers and benefit not just from better and more efficient customer service, but also from conversational marketing that maximizes return-on-investment.

What is Airy?

Airy is a professional messenger communication platform for businesses to manage and connect all customer messaging channels in one place. As an all-in-one messaging solution Airy ties together seamlessly customer support and messenger marketing.

The personalized campaign and marketing solutions from Airy for customer acquisition and engagement, let your business acquire new customers more cost efficiently and engage existing customers more effectively.

As an official Facebook Messaging, Google and Apple partner, Airy is designed to help your business establish and optimize messaging as a whole new communication channel.

Over 4000 businesses in 100 countries are currently using Airy across retail, e-commerce, fitness, hospitality, performing arts and many other major industries. Much more than just a software provider, Airy is a true messaging partner. Our goal is to help your business make the most out of messaging.

What makes Airy special?Do I have to pay to use Airy?How can I get Airy?How can I get more customer contacts?How does Airy work with messaging automations or 'chatbots'?How does Airy work with my existing CRM tools?I love Airy! Where can I give you feedback?

What makes Airy special?

Airy is an all-in-one messaging platform linking all your customer messaging channels in one place. Seamless customer support through automations and personalized services, as well as Airy’s customer acquisition and engagement solutions, enable your business to grow and engage your most valuable customers. Enhance your communication strategy with data based segmentation and targeting using customer identity and demographic information.

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend by adopting a new marketing channel for customer acquisition and engagement.

The optimized balance between technology and conscious manual handling using smart routing ensures your business provides the most efficient and best customer interaction. Manage and streamline your direct messages with templates and predefined replies together with tagging options and filters.

As an official Facebook Messaging and Apple partner, working with Airy ensures your business will always profit from extended support and the most up-to-date feature sets available.

Airy helps businesses build authentic customer relationships through conversational messaging.

With Airy’s Plug-n-Play Solution to the most common CRM systems such as Salesforce or Zendesk, you can easily integrate Airy to your known and established tools without the need to introduce a new tool or new processes in your departments. Additionally Airy offers custom integrations for more complex setups.

Schedule your free intro call for your custom solution.

Do I have to pay to use Airy?

Airy offers a free starter plan to use the Airy platform and the free Airy Messenger app with selected features such as templates and predefined replies. Take advantage of additional features and services by upgrading your account.

How can I get Airy?

Create your free Airy Account and follow the instructions to connect your business Facebook Page with Airy.

You can connect as many Facebook pages as you like and benefit from our unified inbox. This allows you to have all your messages in one place! If you prefer to use Airy on your smartphone, simply download our free Airy app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Upgrade your account to take advantage of powerful features like Messenger Automations and Customer Acquisition & Engagement Campaigns.

Schedule a call to discuss a custom solution.

How can I get more customer contacts?

We have developed a toolkit of several engagement measures to easily transition customer communication from traditional channels to messaging.

Schedule your free intro call to find out more.

How does Airy work with messaging automations or 'chatbots'?

Airy Messaging automations make it easy to provide a personal touch to your customer response and outreach while saving time and resources. Smart automations reduce your support team’s direct, personally handled contact with customers and increase your customer satisfaction by using automated responses and smart routing of more complex queries to your agents.

Our approach is to start with your business requirements to identify where and to what extent automations make most sense. Check out our automation to experience Airy first hand. Airy has developed smart automations across a variety of industries and use cases. Schedule your free intro call and we’ll get your custom solution up and running in less than 48 hours.

How does Airy work with my existing CRM tools?

Airy is a Plug-n-Play Solution for many major CRM systems such as Zendesk and Salesforce, but is also very experienced in complex custom integrations. Schedule your free intro call to discuss your needs.

I love Airy! Where can I give you feedback?

Spread the word and leave a review on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!