Text styles

Every text accepts combo classes – color, alignment and etc. You can create your own, but make sure to add it here.


Examples of combo classes:

p grey
Text-3XL grey center

Rules of scale and relationship/hierarchy:
Texts follow a scale of 1.25 from 16px base (1EM).
All multiples are rounded (example 31,25 – 31px).
Line-height is defined by the font-size and pick the next multiple of 8pt grid (8, 16, 24, 32, 40...): example: font-size: 25px; / line-height:32px;

Used font:
Open Sauce Sans


These are the same colors we use across the product. These colors are already saved inside Webflow's colors.



Some layouts used across the website

Airy Core

Open sourced, fully-featured, production ready conversational data platform

Airy Core is your central hub for conversations. Process data from conversational channels, enrich, query & integrate into your existing infrastructure. Fully featured & production ready with features like notifications, read receipts and more.

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“Airy was essential to our transition to digital growth, we are now ahead of the curve.”

Wassilios Marazopoulos

Project Manager – Corporate Development, TEDi

Airy Core

Open source conversational data platform
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Airy Cloud

Messaging as a Service: our messaging platform, hosted & managed by Airy
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Core Components

The major features of Airy Core

Ingestion platform

Process conversational data from webhooks of different sources, from Facebook Messenger to Google's Business Messages


Access your conversational data with our blazing fast HTTP endpoints

WebSocket Server

Messaging is all about real-time communication and with our WebSockets you can power real-time applications

Webhook integration

Webhooks enable you to programmatically participate in conversations by sending messages or reacting to them

React UI component library

Set up your own interfaces for messaging with our React UI Component library